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“Tip Top Vitamin’s products have been used in my practice for years. I highly recommend them for their quality and reliability.”
Ronald Hoffman, M.D., New York City
Host of WOR Radio Program and author of numerous articles and books: “I always recommend Yamcon and other women’s products on the air. You can’t find a better product line.”
David Carrow, M.D., Tampa
Host of “Here’s to your health” syndicated radio program: “After 30 years of research, I’m impressed with Tip Top Vitamin’s quality, service, and effectiveness.”
Betty Kamen, Ph.D., San Francisco
I have known Tip Top Vitamins for years and recommend their products highly.
Vernon Mark, M.D., Boston Associate Professor of Surgery-Harvard University and author of Brain Power and Reversing Memory Loss
Anti-Aging medicine needs more companies like Tip Top Vitamins. Keep up the good work!
Ronald Klatz, D.O., Chicago President and Founder of American Academy of Anti-Aging Medicine
Great company, good products, and great prices make for nutritionally sound programs.
Dr. Robert Crayhon, New York Author, Lecturer, and National Radio Host
Julie began a weight loss quest taking advice from a friend and started a low-carb diet using the Carb-blocker oatch. In three months she went from 159 to 118 pounds, the slimest she has ever been. (See Results Left) “I have been eating very carb healthy and using my carb patches and I don’t even notice anymore.”
Julie, Canada
I took the Carb-Blocker and Fat Buster and lost 20 pounds over one month. I was wearing a size 14 dress and now I’m in a size 10. My plan is someday to fit into a 7 or 8.
Jennifer Andrews, NJ
I was very happy with the Carb-Blocking Patch and Fat Buster 2000. Being only 5’1 I wanted to lose 15 pounds quickly and it really helped.
Ann Semler, FL
Finally, after using the progesterone cream for a few weeks, I had relief from hot flashes. I ran out of the product, and my hot flashes returned! I’ll never be without it again!
Elizabeth Prinz, Sacramento, CA. Age 49
I wondered if I would ever become pregnant, since I had always menstruated only about once a year. I started applying the progesterone cream, and menstruated the very next month, and have been on a monthly schedule ever since!
Ruthy Engelman, Brooklyn. NY. Age 25
My doctor told me I had the beginnings of osteoporosis. When I returned for a check up a year later, he was amazed to see improvement in my bone density – rather than further loss, as is the norm for women my age. I had used the progesterone cream throughout the year.
Rhoda Wadler, Corte Madera, CA. Age 68
Because of an early menopause (caused by hysterectomy), I was put on synthetic estrogen. It wasn’t until I got off the estrogen and onto the cream that I realized that the nightmares I had been having were the result of the estrogen! I have no menopausal symptoms any longer (thanks to the cream), nor do I have those nightmares!
Ellen Hirsch, New York, NY. Age 36