Kegel Exercisor-Pelvic Toner

Kegel Exercisor-Pelvic Toner


Product Description

Arnold Kegel in 1948 invented a system of Pelvic Exercises now known as Kegel Exercises. These exercises help incontinence and strengthen the pelvic floor.

The ability to measure the degree of “Squeeze” is fundamental to the Kegel’s theory and where the Pevic Toner comes into play. The Pelvic Toner is a device inserted into the vagina that provides resistence to provide a measure of the success of the exercises.< br>

Over 33% of the women surveyed squeeze the wrong muscles such as the thigh and abdominal muscles instead of the vaginal ones. To test this sit on a toilet and squeeze the vaginal muscles. If the urine stops you are using the correct muscle.

The Pelvic Toner is used to increase the muscle strengh of the vaginal wall and consequently is very helpful in increasing the sexual experience of you and your partner. How to use the PelvicToner Back

Read the instructions completely before use.

The PelvicToner is not sterile on delivery and you should remove the rubber ‘o’ ring (if fitted) and wash the PelvicToner in warm, soapy water before use.

Remove Spring 1 so that you are starting with the least amount of tension.

First make sure you lubricate the vaginal area and the PelvicToner from the tip to the ridge. We recommend a water soluble product such as Yamcon Lubricant Gel.

The depth of penetration is around 10cm. The tip is just 3cm across and this represents the maximum ‘stretch’ that you will experience. All women should find the use of the PelvicToner perfectly comfortable.

Lay down on your back with your head resting on at least one pillow, relax and bend your knees keeping your feet flat about two feet apart. Position the PelvicToner with the ‘front’ adjacent to the vagina. Hold the PelvicToner closed with your hand and insert the unit into your vaginal opening up to the first ridge and slowly release your grip. You are now ready to begin.

Start with 3 sets of 30 repetitions (reps) or a total of 90 reps or 90 closings and work up to 6 sets of 30 reps or a total of 180 reps or 180 closings with a rest of 15 seconds in between sets. This can be done every day, but not less than three times a week. When you feel that you can do your reps with ease you are ready to add the second spring.

In order to improve your muscle tone and increase blood supply to your vaginal muscles it is the number of repetitions that you perform that is important. When you can comfortably squeeze your PelvicToner with one spring in each position then you can maximise the benefits by doing more and more squeezes (for example, 3 lots of 30 or even 50 repetitions) or by squeezing and holding the PelvicToner closed.

Some women want to develop much stronger vaginal muscles than others. The basic weight lifting principles apply – repetition builds muscle tone and definition, weight (or force) builds strength. When you feel your vaginal muscles have become too strong for the first set of springs you can buy a special set of stronger springs. These are twice as strong as the initial springs that come with your PelvicToner.

There are two spring positions 1 – nearer hinge 2 – nearer tip Both 1+2
Standard springs 0.8ftlb 1.0ftlb 1.9ftlb
Stronger springs 1.6ftlb 2.9ftlb 4.2ftlb

When you have completed your exercise routine simply remove your PelvicToner. Do not try to force it out. Hold the PelvicToner closed with your hand and take a few minutes and relax. Take several deep breaths until your vaginal muscles relax and the PelvicToner can be removed easily.

How to clean your PelvicToner
Hand wash with soap and water before and after use. The PelvicToner is also dishwasher safe and the springs are stainless steel and should not rust or corrode

Frequently asked questions about the PelvicToner

Will these products work for me?
Yes, it will work for any women with the desire to strengthen and tone the pelvic floor muscles resulting in increased vaginal health and helping to stop the unwanted flow of urine while intensifying your orgasms.

How will I know if the exercise is working?
As you follow the exercise suggestions, you will begin to see the increased number of vaginal contractions you can perform and you’ll need to progressive resistance by adding the second spring. As this occurs, stress incontinence improves as well as vaginal control.

How long do I need to use them?
All muscles in the body will get weak, soft and loose without exercise. So make a commitment to use your PelvicToner for rest of your life. Make the right decision.

Should I worry about soreness?
The PelvicToner may produce some soreness or a slightly uncomfortable feeling, but no more than exercising any other body part. If it hurts stop and allow the muscles to recuperate. Making sure that you are relaxed before you begin will help enormously.

What happens if I stop using these products?
As with any muscle that is not used, there will be a loss of tone and atrophy will occur. The breakdown that takes place within the muscle tissue will be gradual. Many women who have discontinued use of the PelvicToner have experienced loss of the vaginal tone and control they achieved and the return of stress incontinence.

Who should not use the PelvicToner or Pelvicisor?
Women who are or may be pregnant should not use these products. Any women who are postpartum, prone to genito-urinary tract infections or who have had prior genito-urinary tract surgery should consult their physician prior to using either product.

Aren�t the PelvicToner and Pelvicisor basically pleasurable toys for women?
NO, however; during the course of these exercise women do experience pleasure that is only a bonus to the real benefits of healthy pelvic muscles. And healthy, well-toned vaginal muscles have greater blood flow and more nerve endings and can give you much more intimate contact with your partner. Sex therapists know that this can lead to more orgasms of greater intensity

Is their any benefit to using the Pelvicisor anally?
BrYes. Though incomplete, research suggests that exercising the opposite end of the pelvic muscle can eliminate some forms of haemorrhoids. Pelvic floor exercises are also of great benefit to men

Which ever method you are drawn to, please remember that pelvic health is a vital part of every woman�s life and deserves your attention now.


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