Instant Abs System

Instant Abs System


An amazing Target-Training System.
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John Abdo’s new “Instant Abs System” [IAS] is an amazing Target-Training System that has a main Target Zone, or Bullseye, right at the core of the Abdominals, while also focusing on various areas in and surrounding the middle region of the body–you’ll know this the “instant” you try it

But that’s not all.

IAS delivers wonderful benefits to the upper and lower abs, obliques, hips, buttocks, inner and outer thighs, quads, hamstrings, biceps, chest, shoulders, and entire back, WOW! Try any one of the three workout videos and you’ll “feel” muscles everywhere on your body being exercised, and fat just melting away.

IAS offers a patented “Free-Motion” Technology that is ergonomically designed to allow your body to move “freely” in various directions helping you to exercise as many muscles as possible, while burning a lot of fat along the way. An amazing aspect of the IAS is not only its patented free-motion technology but the fact that you can exercise in a “seated” position while your pelvis, lower back and legs are supported.

So you’re sitting upright, which is healthy posture, and you’re able to sculpt and carve the fat from the entire midsection of your body, targeting the abdominals and ENTIRE waistline; it�s sensational? You got to try.


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