Cholestrak-Home Cholesterol Test

Cholestrak-Home Cholesterol Test


A total cholesterol measuring device for the home.
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Product Description

Cholestrak is the only FDA-approved total cholesterol measuring device for the home. It is important that you know your cholesterol levels. It is fast and easy with Cholestrak!

According to the National Cholestrol Education Program, 52% of adults have high cholesterol, exceeding 200 mg/dl. Levels above 200 mg/dl are borderline for heart attacks and/or stroke.

The home test kit popularity is strong, due to the reliability and accuracy of the test. You can find your results in 12 minutes. Cholestrak requires no fasting and can be performed in the privacy of your home. No doctor visits are required, no personal conflicts or waiting time for lab results.

The kit contains the following:

1 Test Device, 1 Cholesterol Result Chart, 1 finger-stick lancet, 1 gauze pad, 1 bandage, directions, and information from the Diabetic Heart Health Association.


Why test your cholesterol?
High cholesterol is a deadly killer, leading to heart attacks, strokes, and can be fatal, if untreated.

Who should use Cholestrak?
All adults who are interested in determining their cholesterol level.

Why use Cholestrak vs. doctor testing?
Cholestrak is convenient, can be performed in the privacy of your own home, no fasting is required and is as accurate as lab results.

How frequently should I test?
The test can be repeated as often as desired–we recommend waiting at least 30 days prior to initiating a second test.

Can everyone use Cholestrak?
Individuals using blood-thinning medications and hemophiliacs are not candidates for Cholestrak.


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